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All of our high-quality products are lab-tested and made from 100% organic raw materials. The concentration of CBD is what makes the difference. Oils with a higher milligram share of CBD are more effective than those with a small amount of CBD. We strongly advise using a CBD full spectrum oil to benefit from the so-called “entourage effect” and because there is no wrong way of using it.

Since our CBD oils are sold as cosmetics, we are not allowed to make medical statements. 

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There are various application areas of CBD oil, but it does not work the same for everyone. We suggest trying out different formulas and experiment with the dosage to observe your body’s unique reaction to our products. For more information on your individual health condition, we please you to consult your doctor.

Depending on the dose and your lifestyle, CBD oils work differently for everyone. Most people who use CBD say they can feel the relaxing effects within 20 minutes and some people can even feel it within a few minutes. For other people, it might take longer to notice the effect. For best results, we recommend starting off with using CBD for 30 days.


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