Kalki: THC Free CBD Menthol Rub (500mg)


Kalki: THC Free CBD Menthol Rub (500mg)



Kalki IsoTerp CBD meets refreshing menthol in a topical blend made for athletes. For mild or intense localized pain, increase the amount of Muscle Rub you apply to the affected area. This versatile THC free topical lotion leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean, with no oily residue.

Hemplucid has created a line of THC FREE Hemp CBD products. Kalki is a sport approved THC FREE isolated HEMP CBD product. Not only is Kalki THC FREE, but Hemplucid has added high-quality hemp terpenes back in. We have done this to stay true to the whole plant. When other companies isolate cannabidiol (CBD) they strip out all other benefits that come from rich terpenes and other cannabinoids. Hemplucid understands the synergistic qualities of the hemp plant that is why we add back in the terpenes. It is important to us that Kalki meets the Hemplucid high standard that you are used to and is completely FREE of THC.


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2 reviews for Kalki: THC Free CBD Menthol Rub (500mg)

  1. admin

    Nice fresh sticky buds with a good dank smell and taste. Not too expensive either

  2. admin

    This helps me with the pin in my knee and back, because of this I am able to do chores around the house

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